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Dear friends!

Looking for rare editions And hard find rock bands.

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11 thoughts on “Wanted

  1. Hi,
    i’m looking for:

    TOM HANSEN:Brazilian Night.(2010)Various Artists (Aor Norwegian)
    TOM HANSEN:Standing Tall.(2014)(WestCoast Norwegian with Top player,David Foster ecc…)
    TOM HANSEN:A Taste Of California.(2015)
    BEG BORROW & STEAL:Push And Shove.(1993)(RCA)Produced by Sir Arthur Payson(Desmond Child)Aor.
    PETER STRYKES:Sings Robby Valentine.(2009)Ex Singer Group Pomp Aor Netherland 1St Avenue.(Self Produced)
    TOBB:True To Our Sound.(2015)Feat.Bill Champlin.Fantastic Aor West-Coast Band Swedish.
    RUSHING WIND:Same.(1985(Eleventh Hour)Christian Band a la Toto.
    JUMPSPACE:Same.(1981)(Destiny Records)
    FS ORLONN:Ever Since Eve.(2013)(Self Produced)
    TIM CASHION:Wake On Up.(2004)(Cottage Lake Music)
    TIM CASHION:Lovin’ On Ocean Drive.(2005)
    TIM CASION:Beach Walkin’.(2008)
    TIM CASHION:Feeturing.(20??)
    TIM CASHION:Find Us On The Dial.(2015)
    Excellent artist,member last Gran Funk Railroad.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Hello!
    Please, I’m looking for all Endochine albums…especially the album “Day Two” in Flac or other lossless. Thank you!

  3. Hi my is Marcelo from Spain
    I´m looking for Glass Moon – Glass Moon 1980/Growing In The Dark 1982 (Renaissance Rec. 2004) Lossless..
    But unfortunately it´s no more available in your fantastic webpage
    Would you mind upload it again, please?
    or send it to my email..mzapia@hotmail.com
    The easier for you!
    Thank you very much indeed

  4. Hi, guys.
    Actually I have a request about a band that is already listed here, however the link is dead. It is:

    Imitators – Once And For All (1985)

    Very rare aor stuff, that never got it’s release on a CD, only a cassette, so I got quite surprised finding it listed here in 320 kbp.
    would be much oblidged, if someone could help with it

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