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A guitar is a popular musical instrument that makes sound by the playing of its (typically) six strings with the sound being projected either acoustically or through electrical amplification (for an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, respectively).

Tak Matsumoto & Daniel Ho – Electric Island, Acoustic Sea (2017)

Home | Guitar instrumental | Tak Matsumoto & Daniel Ho – Electric Island, Acoustic Sea (2017)

Tak Matsumoto of Japan’s supergroup B’z teams up with Daniel Ho to create music in a convergence of contemporary island cultures.
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Cihan Tanrıverdi – Mayranuş (2017)

Home | Guitar instrumental | Cihan Tanrıverdi – Mayranuş (2017)

At the age of 9, he met the guitar. He has developed himself up to the university and has learned a lot about music and life from friends, friends and older brothers around him.Read more: Cihan Tanrıverdi – Mayranuş (2017)


Home | Blues | VA – GUITAR HEROES (2017)

YEAR : 2017
COUNTRY: All World
GENRE : Classic Rock, Hard Rock
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REO – Versitality 2017

Home | Guitar instrumental | REO – Versitality 2017

his is my first solo record and I wanted it to be a big variety of styles to show off every side of me in one and the same album. All songs are original tunes composed by me, some are old songs from years ago and some are new songs written to be on this album.Read more: REO – Versitality 2017

Chris Stark – Juxtaposition (2017)

Home | Guitar instrumental | Chris Stark – Juxtaposition (2017)

Artist: Chris Stark
Country: USA
Album: Juxtaposition
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal

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Dream Spectrum – Lost and Found (2017)

Home | Guitar instrumental | Dream Spectrum – Lost and Found (2017)

Dream Spectrum is an instrumental hard rock band from Buffalo, NY. The band’s progressive and modern sound blends with classic rock, metal, and jazz influences to bring a new level of energy to instrumental music.
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Christian Bernadac – Christian Bernadac (2017)

Home | Guitar instrumental | Christian Bernadac – Christian Bernadac (2017)

Producer & Guitar player endorsed by EMG Pickups and ESP Guitars. Lead guitarist in All Misery.Genre: Progressive Metal / Guitar Virtuoso, Country: Mexico.
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Erick Blore – Fantasia Americana (2017)

Home | Guitar instrumental | Erick Blore – Fantasia Americana (2017)

Being raised by the church organist, my mother would have to be my biggest influence. Also growing up surrounded by highly talented friends was invaluable. Read more: Erick Blore – Fantasia Americana (2017)

Rys – Legacy (2017)

Home | Guitar instrumental | Rys – Legacy (2017)

Debut instrumental EP ‘One’, by RYS. A beautiful blend of Progressiveness, melody.released February 27, 2017 Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Rhys Bird.tags: metal rock guitar instrumental progressive.
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Shahyd Legacy – Gateways (2017)

Home | Guitar instrumental | Shahyd Legacy – Gateways (2017)

Shahyd Legacy, or most well known as the Lead Guitarist of Sacred Legacy, made his musical entrance on to the stage late 2004 with his first band called “SYN”. But then we saw him take his music to a new level as he formed his own band the “SACRED LEGACY” in the year 2006. Also Released his 1st guitar solo album THE SACRED LEGACY in September of 2006.Read more: Shahyd Legacy – Gateways (2017)

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