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This is a duo focusing on melodic AOR/FM Rock as once delivered by major bands of the genre like JOURNEY, GIANT, BOSTON andSURVIVOR. Well, PHOENIX RISING released an EP earlier in 2012 (“Give It A Name”) and now “On The Loose” comes as the first full effort by Titta Tani (drummer for Italian Prog Rock legends GOBLIN) and Paolo Caucci who seem really ambitious for their project

Here is the original design, Phoenix Rising, from two very talented Italian musicians: Titta Tani (vocals / backing vocals and drums) and Paolo Caucci (guitar, bass and keyboards). They both have different origins, including progressive rock and other genres. Since they are at liberty to join AOR melodic rock.

Phoenix Rising :: in the studio.
Call it derivative, but the melodies on the outside are natural, a little heavier, AOR melodic rock. This material is for fans of Giant, pride of lions, and the most intense of any European melodic hard rock. At liberty again, Mr. Dr. written in stone, and give it a name, are examples of his heavy sound the AOR. But it is not firing hooks or melodies within. More traditional AOR melodic rock delivered without a lie to say, and believe, and very catchy songs.
So, essentially, freedom is a hybrid of the AOR. While the original songs are examples of this loader melodic AOR, especially at large again, there is a cover of the song, which gives balance. This song will discuss later, perhaps, the only available songs The Tubes, by Phoenix Rising, is less than eighty New Wave and more hard rock. It makes me wonder if the group will do better to do cover songs: it is that good.
Bottom line: at large is appropriate and entertaining AOR melodic rock is definitely on the side of the complex genre. There is much promise here, as in music and songs. Let’s hope that more and better in the future.

01. No Lie To Say
02. Written On A Stone
03. Fade Away
04. Believe
05. On The Loose Again
06. Mr. Dr
07. It’s Up To You And Me
08. Give It A Name
09. Talk To You Later


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